Unlimited possibilities.

We’re using microalgae to produce pure, plant-inspired ingredients to better human health and wellness.

Learn how we're making plant-based compounds more efficiently than actual plants.

Just like nature, only better.

Our revolutionary, patented fermentation platform can create just about any plant-based ingredient from a single cell, efficiently delivering highly sustainable, natural compounds that are more consistent and pure than you can access from the wild.

Humans have been extracting things from plants for over 3000 years. Maybe it’s time we tried something new.

Proving that nature has a sense of humor, the world is full of natural compounds with powerful medicinal and therapeutic properties that are often impractical (or impossible) to access. And, if you can actually get them, the next challenge is getting them affordably, and in large quantities. Procuring them is expensive, inconsistent, and at times, damaging to the environment. Fortunately, we’ve discovered a better way to make these compounds available to everyone who needs them.

Introducing a low-stress source for high-demand compounds.

It turns out there’s a way to get plant-based ingredients that doesn’t involve plants at all. Our patented process utilizes unique biotechnology that lets us create any therapeutic or natural compound in an efficient, sustainable, scalable and cost effective way—and we pass all of that on to our partners and customers. Suddenly, expensive, impossible- to-get ingredients become affordable, how-much-do-you-want ingredients. And they’re actually more pure and consistent than what can be produced in the wild.

Microalgae is our secret weapon when it comes to creating plant-based compounds. And, we're the only ones who've mastered it—and are producing them at scale.

For something so small, it’s powerful stuff. All plant life evolved from microalgae, so it makes sense that it’s the perfect way to create a natural source of both existing compounds and ones not found in nature. More compatible and productive than either yeast or bacteria, microalgae has a short ‘crop cycle’ of just 5 days and substantially higher yields. And it’s not just your garden variety stuff. Our microalgae was hand selected after screening over 10,000 strains. Now, we can create almost any compound efficiently, from a single, perfectly selected cell.

Our process: It’s farming, with a sci-fi twist.

We replicate and evolve the genes plants use to make compounds, then train our special cells to produce them more efficiently than actual plants.
We then move the cells to tanks where we grow them in a highly controlled environment.
The cells divide and reproduce daily—much faster and more precisely than plants in the wild.
Now it’s time to harvest the cells, isolate the pure ingredients and prepare them for formulation into consumer and pharmaceutical products.

We love microalgae. So far, it’s given us 70+ ingredients and 6 patents.

Our accomplishments are growing almost as quickly as our algae. For starters, there are our six patents involving proprietary microalgae technology. Then there’s the 70+ compounds we’ve created so far, including many that are novel and show promising therapeutic potential. We’ve proven we can replicate what plants make naturally, and produce more of it than is available in nature—all while leaving wild plants unharmed. And we’ve delivered a pipeline of hard to replicate cannabinoid compounds that deliver high therapeutic value in the rapidly expanding sector. We can’t wait for what’s next.


Ingredients so far




Projected market

Our market opportunity?
So far, just the entire planet.

There are billions of people with one thing in common. They all want to live better, healthier lives. The natural wellness category is booming, and reshaping other categories like pharma, food, beverages and beauty. We’re entering the market with unprecedented efficiency, lower costs, unlimited production capacity and a proprietary method that opens up access to endless opportunities for therapeutic compounds with the environment in mind.

Purissima, its customers and investors are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this $1.3 trillion wellness market.

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