You will never believe what we taught algae to do.

With microalgae, we can essentially create any plant-derived ingredients, sustainably and at scale.

Introducing our first product to market: CBC (Cannabichromene)


Through  our patented biotechnology platform, Purissima has proven scale production of a key minor cannabinoid, CBC or Cannabichromene.  CBC is a non-intoxiacting phytocannabinoid and is one of hundreds of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but only exists in nominal concentrations. Cannabis plants first produce CBGA, the precursor to THCA, CBDA and CBCA. CBCA then 'matures' into CBC in a process called 'decarboxylation' as a result of exposure to heat, UV light or enzymatic processes.


Both CBC and CBCA compounds are bioactive and have broad beauty, health and wellness applications.


CBC can soothe sebaceous glands that secrete excessive oil


CBC exhibits potent activity against acne-causing bacteria and several Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) strains


CBC blocks sensation of pain via direct interaction with pain-sensing receptors in human skin

Other important benefits

  • anti-aging properties

  • promotes motility in digestive system

  • promotes neurogenesis

  • strong entourage effects*

  • anti-depressant properties

  • potential chemopreventive agent

  • potential anti-fungal agent

Purissima's CBC = The only natural source of CBC

  • The only natural, biosynthesized CBC via microalgae fermentation

  • Sustainably produced at scale and high purity profile

  • Third-party validated anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties

  • 1g sample for vetted industry partners, formulators manufacturers and brands

Food, butters, confectionary, beverages

Beauty and wellness

General wellness

Supplements, gummies and edibles

An array of industry applications

  • Purissima's CBC is the consistency and color of a golden honey, which makes it very easy to formulate with

  • Our CBC is very neutral in flavor which makes it easy to add to original formulations and recipes

  • Natural ingredient which contributes to brand and product positioning

  • Manufactured with our exclusive partner Open Book Extracts which has the following certifications: FDA registered, cGMP, HACCP, NASC, EcoCert, and Certified Natural Products Association

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Purissima offers the only source of natural, biosynthesized CBC (Cannabichromene). Our sample will include 1g of CBC and information on its profile.