Beauty + Brains: The Promise of Minor Cannabinoids

January 13, 2023

Inflammaging–the word used to describe the hybrid processes of inflammation and aging–is inevitable, but manageable. A new study from Cellular Goods sheds more light on why minor cannabinoids are the answer to youthful looking skin.

In a culture far too familiar with screens and filters, it is no surprise that the anti-aging products market is projected to reach US$47.8 billion by 2027.  The combined process of skin inflammation and aging has been called “inflammaging”. This scary (albeit clever) word has us searching for solutions and stocking up on anti-aging products in the hopes of reversing time. 

In 2020, the most searched-for skincare ingredients were vitamin C and retinol, both of which help fight signs of aging. But the effects of both of these products can be harsh. Your skin purges (aka breaks out) and peels for weeks, and you’re incredibly sensitive to the sun, making you more susceptible to damage if you’re not super careful. 

So, is peeling, burning, and purging the only option to achieve younger looking skin? According to a new study by Cellular Goods, no. Phew. This independent study reports that minor cannabinoids, which include CBD, CBC, and CBG, might be the gentle-yet-effective fountain of youth that we’ve all been searching for.

Let’s start by understanding the factors that contribute to the signs of aging in skin: 

  • A thinning epidermis and dermis
  • A decrease in the production of collagen and elastin 
  • An uneven distribution of melanocytes, which leads to uneven skin tone
  • A decrease in the skin’s lipid (aka fat) content

UV exposure accounts for almost 80% of signs of aging, which is why sunscreen will always be your BFF. Furthermore, it’s been proven that LEDs from the blue lights on our phones, TVs, and computers add to the look of aging on our skin. According to this landmark study, minor cannabinoids enact the same anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing benefits of retinoids that are much gentler on the skin and don’t make it more susceptible to sun damage. 

“Our findings,” reports Cellular Goods, “indicate that [minor cannabinoids] can inhibit inflammation and lipid peroxidation caused by UVB radiation, both of which are well- established factors contributing to aging and disease.” 

The study provides valuable insight into the antioxidant and broad-spectrum anti- inflammatory activity of cannabinoids like CBD and CBG as helpful ingredients for aging prevention. At Purissima, we are focused on the efficient and clean creation of CBC, another minor cannabinoid full of promise for industries like skincare and beauty. 

Want to know more? You can read the Cellular Goods white paper with all the facts and figures here.

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