Biotech Can Unlock a More Powerful Future of Beauty and Health

January 13, 2023

What if you could have all the benefits of plant-based ingredients without having to disrupt any plants? That’s the promise of Purissima. We’re replicating plants in the lab starting from where they originated in the first place: algae. From algae alone we then harvest powerful compounds typically found in other plants, unlocking a more sustainable and effective future for natural health and beauty.

A Single Cell Supply Chain

Through our revolutionary fermentation process and with six patents, we can create an ingredient platform from a single cell and provide broad access to alternative remedies. While the results will harness the time-tested power of nature that goes back thousands of years, the technology has big upsides that feel futuristic. By producing highly-sustainable compounds in a controlled lab, we can create natural ingredients that are more consistent and pure than what you find in nature itself. 

With no need for medicinal or therapeutic plants, we also spare scarce natural resources and avoid any supply chain issues. Plus — we can create a supply that has never even existed by accessing previously inaccessible plant-based compounds. “Biotechnology will increase access to the rare plant ingredients that were once obtainable only at very high costs,” explains Rob Evans, Purissima’s co-founder and a biotech pioneer. 

These compounds have the ability to target concerns like inflammation, pain, skin conditions, poor sleep, anxiety, and mood imbalances. We’ve already started by creating an algae-derived cannabinoid, which has the potential to tackle all of these issues and more.

Cannabinoids Without Cannabis

What we put in and on our body can impact our health and wellbeing. Consumers increasingly understand this and many recognize the value of natural ingredients, as demonstrated by trends like “clean” beauty and CBD. With the rise of cannabis-derived wellness products, we see people turning to plant-based solutions for pain, stress, and insomnia. In line with that, Purissima has decided to use our technology to create a cannabinoid as our first hero ingredient. But it won’t be CBD — instead, get ready to hear more about CBC, a powerful but previously hard to access cannabinoid.

What Is CBC?

“The market is already familiar with CBD, which is a major cannabinoid, but most people don’t realize there are over 120 minor cannabinoids that have high impact properties,” Evans explains. Under his direction, Purissima has identified CBC for its potent properties and because it leverages our platform’s ability to make natural ingredients that aren't otherwise easy to obtain from plants. With Purissima’s algae-driven process, we’ll be able to get this cannabinoid without the cannabis. 

So what can CBC do for you? First, it won’t get you high, as it doesn’t include THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. “Most known cannabinoid structures are not psychoactive at all, but have more subtle, powerful user benefits,” Evans points out. According to research, CBC has many potential benefits, including: 

  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Acne 
  • Anti Inflammation 
  • Anti Cancer 
  • Pain Relief 

Evans says that most people can benefit from CBC’s microbe and bacteria killing properties, and he's most excited about its ability to “supercharge” a formulation. There is promising evidence that cannabinoids like CBC can work synergistically with other compounds, a phenomenon known as the "entourage effect." This effect could add to the therapeutic potential CBC already has on its own.

From the Lab to Your Vanity Shelf

With our patented technology, Purissima will grow superior compounds like CBC in the lab, but what will the results look like in the real world? Well, to start, it could look like better skin. 

As we begin to apply our groundbreaking technology, we put a CBC skin serum to the test with 30 participants to see if it could improve their skin in six weeks. The anti-inflammatory and anti-acne benefits were observed, with participants frequently reporting: 

  • “The texture of my skin is smoother.”
  • “My skin looks and feels more moisturized.”
  • “My skin feels more comfortable.”
  • “My pores are less noticeable / my skin tone is more even (less redness, free of dark spots).” 

The signal is clear: with our biotechnology, Purissima can create powerful active skincare ingredients. Currently many of these common skin problems are most effectively addressed with retinol, a vitamin A derivative. But with lab-grown compounds like CBC, Purissima can create alternatives that are more natural, pure, sustainable, and potentially more effective. And — they have the possibility to improve much more than your skin.

Good for the Earth; Good for You

“Our process enables production of very pure ingredients of consistent quality,” Evans notes. This means that formulators and brand owners can create precise formulations of multiple ingredients, much like pharmaceutical drugs, that have a reliable and repeatable user benefit. The result will be more effective, targeted products available to the consumer, to address everything from their skin to their moods to their physical health. It’s a natural, non-synthetic solution for feeling better inside and out. 

“Purissima has built a platform that democratizes access to some of the most sought-after ingredients on the planet to improve health and wellbeing,” Evans says. This big promise also comes with a small footprint, as the Purissima process uses sustainable feedstock and not much energy — and protects precious plants. 

For millennia, plants have been known to have powerful properties that humans benefit from. “The problem is that many of these wild species are threatened by climate change and cannot be harvested in a way that does not jeopardize their long term existence,” Evans explains. With Purissima’s technology, people can benefit from what nature has to offer, while leaving it alone. That’s good for the earth and good for all of us.

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