How Purissima's Groundbreaking Biotech Can Preserve Biodiversity

January 13, 2023

Throughout history, humans have benefited from the healing powers of plants. This continues today as demand increases for plant-based medicines, supplements, cosmetics, and other consumer products. Unfortunately, the way industry accesses these natural ingredients often threatens their long-term existence and global biodiversity. It’s a paradox: the more humans value nature, the more humans may put nature at risk.

Fortunately, Purissima has developed technology that will radically change the supply of natural compounds. Through our patented algae fermentation platform, we can create diverse plant-based compounds from a single cell and combat over harvesting and environmental devastation. With this technology, Purissima will provide access to therapeutic compounds that could improve the lives of millions while preserving the harmony between humans and nature.

The Biggest Threats to Biodiversity

Hundreds of plants and animals are at high risk of extinction across the United States, as this recent New York Times piece effectively displayed. Species of birds, butterflies, and flowers could disappear, along with diverse aquatic and other wildlife. This is true around the world too, where climate change, drought, and wildfires threaten the variety of organisms that make up our natural world. One international study found that 2 in 5 plant species are at risk of extinction if we don’t do more to protect them. These threatened plants and fungi are a foundation of all life on earth and have important medicinal properties.

Ironically, increased awareness about the important role of natural therapeutics can put powerful plants at risk of extinction, too. Consumer demand for potent natural ingredients increases pressure on the global supply of these ingredients. As humans, we urgently need to obtain natural compounds in a responsible way. That’s where Purissima's technology comes in. We provide an alternative and superior solution to source precious ingredients that can deliver reliable and repeatable benefits.

Benefiting From Nature While Protecting It

With Purissima’s innovative biotechnology, we can meet consumer demand for natural, pure, and consistent products while protecting biodiversity. From algae alone, we harvest powerful compounds typically found in other plants. This will create a more sustainable and effective future for natural health and beauty.

“Our patented algae fermentation process enables us to replicate unlimited quantities of an ingredient,” explains Rob Evans, Purissima’s co-founder and a biotech pioneer. He notes that the technology is inherently sustainable, since  Purissima can produce plant-derived ingredients without the specific plants themselves. This avoids overharvesting or disturbing natural habitats. 

Through our platform, we can create natural compounds that address concerns like inflammation, pain, skin conditions, poor sleep, anxiety, and mood imbalances without scalability constraints. We’re getting started by creating a cannabinoid — called CBC — without cannabis. CBC has demonstrated anti acne, anti inflammation, and anti pain properties. CBC is an ideal place to start, due to its potent properties and because it leverages our platform’s ability to make natural ingredients that aren't otherwise easy to obtain from plants. With Purissima’s algae-driven process, we can unlock the health and wellness properties of CBC from our labs. We can use nature’s powerful healing properties while leaving the natural environment alone.

No Compromises Necessary

Purissima allows consumers to support biodiversity, without compromising the performance and affordability of products they use. With Purissima, there is no risk of impurities, heavy metals, or impact from environmental changes in the end results. “Our biotechnology creates the same, consistent, pure compound with every batch, regardless of when it was produced,” Evans says. Because it’s easier to harvest these compounds, it’s also less expensive. 

From algae — and not cannabis or hemp  — we can create compounds like CBC, which will lead to better health inside and out. Outside of the lab, the results of our technology could look like better health and better skin for everyone. It will also mean more thriving and diverse species around us. In this future of holistic health, people can take care of themselves and the planet.

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